Regenerative medicine is a progressive area in anti-aging medical practice where the body’s own mechanisms including adult stem cells and tissues can be used to repair damaged cells and organs and return the body to optimal function.

Adult stem cells are one of our most powerful tools in regenerative medicine. Contrary to previous belief, new medical literature reports that adult stem cells exist in most tissues and can be used in regeneration therapies.

The adult stem cells are being optimized in hormone replacement therapies, lifestyle improvement plans and nutraceuticals.

The next step in regenerative medicine involves cryogenic preservation where adult stem cells from healthy patients are obtained and preserved for future use. In a process referred to as bio-insurance, the stem cells can be stored in separate aliquots for treatment of specific future conditions like heart disease or even rebuilding the body’s immune system from a weakened state, like fighting a chronic disease or repairing damage organs and tissues.

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