At the DaSilva Institute, the emphasis is on health. That’s why we offer several therapies for overweight patients who are serious about getting a handle on their excess weight.

Detoxification is a huge byproduct of the weight loss process. Losing weight can actually cause toxins (including heavy metals) stored in our fat to be released. We address this problem with FirstLine® Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, and treatment can be conducted either in our office or by phone. Lab tests can be ordered anywhere in the U.S.). Our chelation therapy is a common companion for eliminating toxic metals from the body naturally and safely.

Many of our patients come to us when they realize their metabolism gets stuck in low gear. This can be treated in our Sarasota clinic or long-distance via phone using the HCG-Simeon Metabolic Diet.

Weight issues can often be traced to hormonal imbalance. You’ll want to work closely with a medical professional who understands the many complex nuances in endocrinology. It’s crucial that all hormones are completely balanced to benefit overall health. (No need to travel to Sarasota for this treatment, either!)

Here, we always look at the complete picture. In some cases weight gain could be a sign of an underactive thyroid not producing the right amounts of critical hormones.

The possibilities to healthy weight loss are endless.