At the DaSilva Institute, we have a vast array of alternative treatments for cancer patients to help them win their fight against cancer.

It is estimated that one in six cancer survivors acquires a new cancer as a result of their chemo or radiation treatment.

There are many safe, non-toxic therapies for patients with cancer. The DaSilva Institute’s gentler, more humane approach is based on an entirely different paradigm: strengthen the body and give it the tools needed to fight disease on its own terms.

Some of the DaSilva Institute’s therapies enhance immune function and the body’s ability to help put the brakes on the undisciplined, rapid cell division that is characteristic of cancer.

Other therapies in our arsenal improve overall health and protect against wasting (cachexia), which is a serious concern for cancer patients. And more than a few have direct anti-tumor or anti-metastasis effects.

But all our treatments have one thing in common: None of them ravage the body or further deteriorate quality of life. In fact, in virtually all cases, they improve it.

For an enlightening look at the whole picture, please read Why Traditional Medicine is Losing the “War on Cancer”.

We can help you fight cancer and win, naturally.

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DaSilva therapies give you the strength to win the fight.