When it comes to brain and mood disorders, targeted nutritional therapies are proven to balance the levels of neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones. Our goal is to help our patients address mood disorders with safe, natural solutions — instead of side-effect-riddled prescription drugs.

After testing your levels of the various neurotransmitters, we design a program just for you consisting of dietary constituents to help maintain normal neurotransmitter levels.

What makes our program unique is that the lab tests can be performed in your own home.

We will provide a prepaid UPS mailer to collect the specimen for you to send to our CLIA-certified, national laboratory partner.

Your test results will provide a comprehensive, yet easily understandable report from a medical professional at the DaSilva Institute detailing your laboratory findings.

Your consultation can either be in person or on the phone.

Your targeted nutritional treatment plan will be given to you during the consultation.

You will have all of the same documents sent to you by email prior to your consultation if you chose to have your consult over the phone so that you can follow along and understand everything the medical professional will be discussing with you.

Your road to recovery awaits.