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What if there was a test to that used aging factors to gauge your overall health and even current risk of future diseases before you develop symptoms?

We have good news: it’s here.

Our trademarked BioAge® Analysis is a unique, proprietary test developed at the DaSilva Institute that predicts aging by utilizing over 100 biochemical markers of health and disease long before symptoms or signs develop. This test can be performed anywhere in the United States through our national laboratory partner.

The BioAge Analysis is an extensive health assessment that will allow you to compare your chronological age with your biological age. What’s more remarkable is that you’ll then be able to take a proactive approach in reducing your biological age, leading to improved longevity and “health-span.”

Researchers at Harvard Medical School agree that aging is itself a disease and that its course can be slowed or even reversed.

To combat the deleterious effects of the aging process, we use our BioAge® Analysis to provide the most comprehensive biochemical view of your body’s systems. This affords a rare opportunity to detect danger zones years before they manifest into signs, symptoms, and even disease.

The BioAge Analysis covers a span of up to 14 different medical specialties (including cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, immunology, oncology, and more).

Diagnostic Testing

The BioAge Analysis is a noninvasive testing procedure that can be performed anywhere in the United Statesthrough our national laboratory partner.

We will test your hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones to determine whether you suffer from hormone deficiencies that could increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, or other ailments.

To identify insulin resistance (a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes), we will review your fasting blood glucose, fasting insulin, hemoglobin A1c, HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and other markers of metabolic syndrome.

If heart disease is a concern, we will evaluate not only your cholesterol and triglyceride levels but also emerging risk factors for heart disease such as C-reactive protein, and clotting factors.

We may also recommend you undergo two noninvasive tests that do a superb job of screening for cardiovascular disease: CT Angiography (a more accurate, non-invasive assessment of unstable coronary artery disease), and a Calcium Heart Score.

These tests will assess the anatomy of your heart and its vessels and measures the heart’s pumping capacity (ejection fraction). At no extra cost, the lungs, aorta, and portions of the liver are also assessed.

Find out your BioAge™.