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Discover Why One Of Sarasota's Best Estheticians Swears By IV Therapy!

My name is Desiree Watton. I do clinical skincare and I know I feel better than what most people at 50. I also do medical micro-needling and also photo rejuvenation for plastic surgeons. I find that after 20 years my following are the people that really appreciate skin health as a whole knowing that there is an inner terrain that has to be in balance an order for skin to maintain good clarity tone and texture and optimum health. If the skin is in dis-ease usually I'll talk to them about their diet and then detoxification as well as heavy metal cleansing. Skin health begins from within! I'm Desiree Watton, licensed Florida aesthetician for 20 years, I work for Hillstrom Wright Plastic-Surgery doing their clinical aesthetics and I'm grateful to the Sarasota IV Lounge for giving me back my health because health is wealth, period!

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